Recyclable Decor Ideas for Your Next Grand Event

Organizing social, community, and corporate events have become an essential part of the modern world. It is a link between the business and non-business organizations and their target audience. Some of the events are organized at a large scale, while others at medium and small scales. One thing common among all events is extraordinary décor that goes to waste after the event.

Décor does add value, attraction, and beauty to the event; however, after the event ends, it only contributes to adding more pollution and waste to the atmosphere. The atmosphere has faced drastic changes in the last decade due to this, which leaves an impact on quality of life. You can ensure extraordinary décor even with recyclable items, which will minimize carbon footprint and control pollution while not compromising on the quality of the event.

Give a detailed read to this article to get your hands on recyclable décor ideas for your next grand event.

Top 6 Recyclable Decor Ideas to Organize an Ecofriendly Event

Event décor is a practice that often adds tons of waste material. The major reason is that people opt for the one-time useable items that go to the trash immediately after the event. People do not realize the effort and resources used in its production and their impact on the atmosphere. Therefore, if you are a staunch voucher for eco-friendly events, you must opt for recyclable décor.

Here are some of the easy and attractive recyclable décor ideas to organize an eco-friendly event at a grand level.

1. Paper Invites

At times, the event organizers go overboard with invitations and design special items, boxes, and other items to create an impression while inviting special guests. However, it is not necessary. You can add more class and attractiveness even to the paper invites by including jute envelop and adding minimal lace over them, which is a reusable décor idea. People short on such creative ideas often get experiential event agency Dubai on board and save their event and environment.

2. Paper Bouquets

The next recyclable décor idea to organize an eco-friendly event is using paper bouquets instead of real flowers. Picking the flowers will lower their lifetime, and you will have to take care of their waste too once they wither and die. On the other hand, you can use paper bouquets again and again until you want, by adding different colors and design arrangements to them.

3. Glass Bottle Lamps

Lighting is another critical décor item that cannot be missed in any type of event. If you want to support the cause of controlling carbon footprint by organizing eco-friendly events, then a great idea that you can use is glass bottle lamps. You can use empty wine bottles of different colors and sizes and add tiny lights to them, as well as use your creativity to make them more attractive. It will boost the aesthetic appeal of your event décor and earn you praises.

4. Pallet Stage

The stage is one of the central units of any event. Some of the organizers use materials for stage setup that cannot be used again and again. So, they are left with no other choice than to dispose of it. However, a reusable décor idea for stage setup is opting for the pallet stage. It is an easy, do-it-yourself option, which you can use for as long as you desire and feel suitable. The plus point is that you do

5. Nature Wreaths

If you want to include nature in your event in some ways without contributing to waste materials and pollution, then nature wreaths are your go-to option. Instead of plucking the flowers, you can pick all sorts of branches, flowers, and other items that have fallen and use your creativity to make a head-turning wreath. If you are doubtful of your creativity, hand over the job to experts.

6. Painted Paper Bags

Instead of using polythene or cardboard bags for swag items and other essentials, you can opt for painted paper bags. You can paint the bags in the colors of your brands and can add your logo too. It will ensure free marketing and will let the people use the bag again and again. The ultimate result is controlled waste. You can also hire an experiential event agency and let the experts take care of décor, planning, and organization if you are short on time.

Utilize the ideas and see the difference!

If you think that the reusable décor will not make any difference, give it a try and see the results. However, if you are unsure about where to start and how to handle it all, this is where the role and help of professionals come to the rescue. Do not wait until the last minute and get in touch with professionals to set up a perfect and attractive reusable décor for your grand event.

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