The world of Automation in the Automatic Doors of any business

Automating tickets is one of the strongest trends in businesses and companies around the world. There are many reasons why this work is done. Above all, for the convenience of not having to have someone to carry out the process or be waiting to see if a person arrives. In this way, the staff is completely dedicated to their tasks and can better optimize their time. Do you know how many types of door automation there are? Discover them.


The advantage of this type of design is that it offers ease of installation. By having a vertical type of opening, space is not an impediment and can be placed in small places or in places where another automated system could not. The great benefit that is achieved with this type of automated doors is that spaces are optimized. By occupying the airspace, there are no corners or places that should be left free. All square meters can be used. The space gained is the same in the internal part as external. For safety, it is also very attractive. Sectional doors have a locking system that does not allow the doors to be raised once closed. It is a reliable method to prevent theft and possible damage.


The name speaks for itself. They are openings that have a very fast working range. What allows this type of automation is that a higher traffic flow is obtained than with traditional methods. The main benefit of this system is time saving. The fish markets are made of very light materials. This achieves that the speed of work increases without losing characteristics of hygiene or quality. These models are equipped with motion sensors. This prevents possible collisions. However, if for any reason a person, object or vehicle runs over the door, as it is made of a soft material, it will conform and avoid strong blows.


An important characteristic of these automated door systems for business or industry is that the counterweights are made of concrete, iron or heavy materials. By closing towards the ceiling, they allow to gain a lot of space. They are usually used in very large places such as companies with truck or dock transfers. Currently, there are models with one or two blades for its operation.


This type of opening system requires a very wide space to be able to be placed. To use them, very wide doors and a very wide space are needed to be able to carry out the work cycle. The operation of the guillotines is by counterweight and its working direction is vertical. They are manufactured in different models with one or more sheets assembled together. As they are very large pieces, they have a system to prevent damage from falls if it breaks. Despite their large volume, they have the benefit of being very durable and being very easy to use.


Undoubtedly, it is the most used automated door system in companies, businesses and facilities of different kinds. They have the benefit of being very practical and easy to handle, as well as very safe. This type of door is used in places where it is sought to optimize space. As for its manufacture, there are sliding doors in glass, wood, etc.


The operation of these doors is through two leaves that act by the counterweights they have. Although it has a vertical operation, an important characteristic is that they always open inwards. Under no circumstances are they open to the outside. Its automation is made up of a steel cable and a large rubber that prevents possible crushing. They are very easy to use doors.


They are the ones used in large shopping centers. Supermarkets, shopping, hospitals and places with a lot of traffic of people look for this system. When mentioning this, the first thing that comes to mind is the term slider, which is how they are also called.

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